Press Kit

Our product description and main data


Bitquail is a windows desktop application that makes trading on cryptocurrency exchanges a lot more effective and easier. It serves as an aggregator where you can add all your crypto exchanges and trade by using a single, simple, and intuitive UI. It allows you to do things that aren't normally supported by most crypto exchanges but so essential for a trader. An example of such a feature would be placing trailing orders on an exchange where it’s not normally possible. BitQuail can also allow you to place STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT at the same time for a single position. Apart from such advanced features it also gives you all essential features such as placing simple orders, viewing charts and market info, creating price alerts, creating price tickers, and many more.

  • Multi crypto exchanges support (9 exchanges atm)
  • Advanced orders (emulated)
  • Quick charts (aka multi charts)
  • Price alerts
  • Crypto news
  • TradingView charts
  • Top security (API private key never leave your PC)
  • Desktop application (Windows Only)
  • Seamless updates
  • Rich free version available