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General questions

What is BitQuail ?
Bitquail is a desktop application that makes trading on cryptocurrency exchanges a lot more effective and easier. It serves as an aggregator where you can add all your crypto exchanges and trade by using a single, simple, and intuitive UI. It allows you to do things that aren't normally supported by most crypto exchanges but so essential for a trader. An example of such a feature would be placing trailing orders on an exchange where it’s not normally possible. BitQuail can also allow you to place STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT at the same time for a single position. Apart from such advanced features it also gives you all essential features such as placing simple orders, viewing charts and market info, creating price alerts, creating price tickers, and many more.
Why should I use BitQuail?
First of all, it gives you features that aren't normally supported at the exchanges you are trading on. Those features have a huge impact on your trading. Instead of doing different sorts of daily trading routines manually, you can let the app do it automatically for you so you can focus on other things. With BitQuail you can become more effective as a trader and focus only on those aspects of trading which requires your experience and creativity. While using BitQuail, your API keys never leave your PC. In the end, BitQuail is simple, intuitive, and user friendly.
How does BitQuail work?
First of all, you have to connect your crypto exchange to BitQuail by providing public and private keys. The keys can be generated on the website of your exchange. The application saves this data locally and allows you to start trading on the exchange you’ve just added. Each time you do some action in the application that’s related to the exchange, the application sends an HTTP request signed with the keys you’ve added earlier and retrieves specific data from the exchange. Having API keys stored exclusively on the user PC is a key factor here. It allows our users not to worry about the fact that some company has access to our exchange account (even by API).
Why is BitQuail a desktop application and not a web application instead?
We decided to make it a desktop solution because of two reasons: the desktop application stores data locally thus your secret keys never leave your PC in contrast to existing web solutions. The above fact considerably increases security. Another reason is that we don't require costly web servers and whole web infrastructure thus we can give our users more awesome features for free.
How can I connect my exchange to BitQuail?
First, you need to make sure that the exchange you’re trying to add is supported in BitQuail. You may refer to our 'Supported Exchanges' page. If your exchange is supported then you need to open your exchange account profile and get your API Keys. Once you have them generated and copied, it can be added to BitQuail and you can start trading.
Why is BitQuail free of charge?
As mentioned previously, we can allow giving BitQuail for free just because it does not require costly web infrastructure back-end. Since it’s a desktop application it can do all communication with the exchanges directly from the user PC. That’s why we don’t have to run our own web servers. Each new free user cost us nothing in terms of the used resources. The paid version will be also available at some point in the future but we don’t have clear plans regarding it yet.

Technological questions

What operating systems are supported?
BitQuail supports Windows 7,8,10. You need to have .NET Framework 4.8 installed on your PC. Usually, it is already installed in the OS but if, due to some reason, it is missing then the application installer will install it automatically for you.
Does BitQuail have a Public API?
Since BitQuail is not a web application and has no central servers and database there is no Public API that can be used by 3rd party apps
Does BitQuail have an SDK?
We don’t offer SDK yet, however, the core development principle of the application was to make the architecture extendable in an easy way by supporting 3rd party plugins. That is what we have followed during the development process. SDK will be finished, documented, and released once we make sure there is enough demand from the users.
Is there a web or mobile version available?
We don’t have a web and mobile application available yet, however, we can potentially release a web and mobile client in the future, at some point.
Where does BitQuail store data?
All user data is stored exclusively on your hard drive, if to be more specific it is stored in %localappdata%\BitQuailData folder. We don't send any data to our web server. The only exception is the error log which can be sent only after user consent. The error log has no user data.
Is BitQuail safe and secure?
In terms of network communication BitQuail, always use a secure HTTPS connection. All data is sent in an encrypted form. In terms of dealing with user API private keys, BitQuail is also secure since those keys are never sent out from your PC. We pay a lot of attention to all security-related aspects of the application. We realize how it’s important for the user to feel that the application is safe and secure. With that in mind, we will do our best in order to add even more security-related features in the next releases of the application.
Can I use BitQuail on multiple PCs?
You can install BitQuail on multiple PCs however it’s important to understand that the app data will be different on each PC. If you want to have your app data to be shared on multiple PCs you may try to copy data manually from %localappdata%\BitQuailData to another PC and put it in the same location. As an alternative, you can set up some syncing via Dropbox or Google Drive. At some point in the future, we will make it possible to easily share user data on multiple PCs.

Other Questions

Where is the company located?
BitQuail Sp. z o.o. [limited company] is registered in Poland. Registration address: Pl. Jana Kilińskiego 2, Rzeszów, 35-505. Company registration number: 0000754982. The company incorporated in 2018.
How do you generate revenue?
At this moment application brings no revenue. On the other side, due to the fact that it’s a non-web solution, we don’t have high monthly costs for web infrastructure. Once the application gets some popularity we may introduce a paid version with some extra features. We may also find some other way of monetizing it once we reach a certain number of users.
Do you have an affiliate program?
No, we don’t have an affiliate program.
Is BitQuail for personal-use only?
No, you can install it on your work PC without any limitations. At this moment BitQuail is not limited to personal use only.
How can I report an issue or suggest an idea?
The best option would be to do this directly from the application (via the ‘Report an issue’ feature). A popup dialog will let you provide an error description and attach an error log. That will make it possible to get the issue resolved faster. You may also suggest to us an idea about what is missing in the product or what can be done better. We promise to consider all your suggestions. You may also reach out to us via email which can be found on our Contacts page.
How can I get support?
The best option would be to either write an email to support@bitquail.com or create a new ticket at https://bitquail.com/support/. We also encourage you to check our telegram and discord. Feel free to reach out to us by any channel that is convenient for you. We are always ready to help
What languages does BitQuail support?
Currently, only the English language is supported. More languages will be added later.

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