Empower Your Crypto Trading

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Powerful Features

Overcome the limitations of traditional crypto exchanges. Boost your trading with our amazing features!


Combine and access all your cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance, Bittrex, Huobi and others. Everything under one roof.

Highest security

API keys to your crypto exchange accounts are stored locally and never leave your PC. Simple as that!

What makes BitQuail special?

Our features and technology give you the most convenient way to manage your trades and portfolio.

Multi exchanges

Trading on different exchanges can be super easy! BitQuail makes it possible to connect to multiple crypto exchanges. Essentially it gives you a unified set of powerful features that can be used on each connected crypto exchange.

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PRO Trading

Scaled order ladders; emulated trailing stops; limit orders without balance locking; TP and SL in the same limit order; grouping orders in a single position; custom user orders (integrated as 3rd party plugin). These and even more features will be available in our PRO version when it's out.

100% security

We don't have a centralized database with API keys of all our users. All sensitive data is stored locally on your PC and can be easily deleted in three simple clicks. Such an approach completely eliminates the risk of being hacked.

Multiple coin charts

Keep track of multiple coin charts on one screen. Adding a new chart is easy: select a market, select the desired resolution and click Add button. That's it. Add as many as you want and don't miss any trading opportunity.

TradingView charts

Market-leading high definition charting technology. Easy and intuitive for beginners, and powerful enough for advanced traders. TradingView has 100+ built-in indicators for market analysis, based on industry-standard formulas.

Real-time price alerts

Quickly and easily track prices of crypto coins you are interested in. Get real-time popup notifications (with sound) as the price hits above or below the price you set.

Crypto news feed

With our embedded RSS reader, you will be able to easily follow news from different crypto websites. You don't even have to leave BitQuail to read an article. It's opened directly in the application. With this amazing feature, you will have an easier life trying to stay in the loop of what is happening.


BitQuail is extremely easy to use. Relevant information is grouped for traders to check the details they need to monitor markets, make their trades, and track their assets. Customize your dashboard in the way you want it to be and get instant access to the information you need.

Advanced technology

Desktop technology we're using in BitQuail gives you more performance, more security, and no lags in contrast to existing web alternatives. Some of the critical features wouldn't be possible to implement if BitQuail would be a web application. That makes it unique and powerful.

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