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From multi-charting to automated bot trading - BitQuail has you covered

* Full-Featured Auto Backtesting Framework coming in Q4 2023

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Tired of the limitations of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges? BitQuail offers a solution. Our desktop application empowers traders with advanced features that aren't available on most exchanges.

Manage all your cryptocurrency exchanges in one place with BitQuail. Connect to Binance, OKX, Huobi, and more, all under one roof. Enjoy seamless trading and stay on top of your portfolio.

With BitQuail, your API keys are stored locally on your PC, ensuring the utmost security and privacy for your crypto exchange accounts. Rest assured knowing that your sensitive information never leaves your PC.

Seamless Trading Across Multiple Exchanges

BitQuail is the perfect solution for crypto traders who want to simplify their trading process, increase their efficiency, and enjoy advanced and essential features.

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Multi-Chart Analysis Made Easy

BitQuail supports a multi-charting feature that allows users to add an unlimited number of TradingView charts on the screen, making it easier to monitor multiple assets and markets simultaneously.

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Automate Your Trading Strategy (coming in Q4 2023)

BitQuail also supports bot trading, which allows users to automate their trading strategies and execute trades based on predefined rules and indicators. This feature can help traders save time and optimize their trading activities.

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Smart Trading (coming in Q4 2023)

BitQuail offers a wide range of advanced trading features that are not normally supported by most cryptocurrency exchanges. These features give you a competitive edge in the market and allow you to trade more effectively

  • Trailing Orders
  • Hidden Orders
  • Grid Trading
  • Stop Orders
  • Custom Trigger Orders
  • Auto breakeven
  • Ladder Orders
  • Order Presets
  • Even more...

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